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Anxiety, stress and the fear of failing

Interview with Nic Balthazar

For last years stress summit (2017) I had the privilege to interview Nic Balthazar, Belgian journalist, television and film maker, and the writer of three successful novels, who also stands at the barricades as an environmental and climate activist. ​

In 2016 he wrote and directed the film ‘Everybody Happy‘ which is a story that has to do with someone on the verge of depression and / or burnout and this year he made a documentary on stress in children after a recent survey revealed that 38 percent of children in Flanders suffer from psychological problems, 60 percent fearing not to be able to relieve the expectations of their parents, and that almost a quarter of the students are out of stress at school.

So I was most interested in his view on the importance of  “Speaking up and speaking out about stress.

Watch the trailer:

Watch the full interview:

Trailer Everybody Happy (NL with EN subtitles)


Does Hi-Tech Cause Hi-Stress?

This year the International Stress Management Association UK (ISMA) has chosen on the theme “Does Hi-Tech Cause Hi-Stress? for the  International Stress Awareness Day (INSAD) on November 7th.

There is no doubt that technology impacts all our lives, and it is thus appropriate that ISMA is involved in a debate about the positive and the adverse effects it can have, and how on the other hand technology can also contribute to our advantage.

As hosts of the stress summit we want to contribute to the debate with meaningful conversations with international experts on this topic that concerns us all.

We are living at a critical time in human history. A time where new emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, robotics and machine learning are reshaping our world with a speed, scope and complexity unlike anything humankind has experienced before. How will we cope and stay healthy, knowing, that in this fast changing world we will faces challenges we can’t even imagine today and bring along more stress while life today is already stressful and difficult to manage.

If you want to be kept informed about the upcoming free stress summit then please sign-up to our newsletter: https://goo.gl/vDFbQZ

Thank you and wherever you are and whatever you do, be good to you.



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