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Stress Awareness Day

It’s November 7th and that means it is International Stress Awareness Day.

Stress Awareness Day is your opportunity to start looking after yourself and your life, and break down the individual stressors in your life. Failure to deal with stress in your life effectively can lead to serious health problems, including increased blood pressure, susceptibility to heart disease, and a decline in your immune system.

Once you start experiencing these symptoms they can landslide into each other, resulting in growing sickness, and by extension, more stress. It’s truly a self-feeding problem, and a cycle that is necessary to control to enjoy our lives.

ISMA5676086As part of International Stress Awareness Day, the International Stress Management Association is providing a live stress chatbot helpline.

So if something is worrying you, or you need to talk in confidence go to and talk to one of our stress consultants today between  9 am to 10 pm.

This year the focus of Stress Awareness day is technology. There is no doubt that technology impacts all our lives, and it is thus appropriate that we from ISMA are involved in a debate about the positive and the adverse effects it can have, and how on the other hand technology can also contribute to our advantage.

Danielle and I (Tom) both Belgian members of ISMA wanted to contribute to this debate and have created the Online Stress Summit. This year we have interviewed experts from the US, Canada, Netherlands, South Africa, England and Belgium.

It’s FREE but we ask you to register HERE

Screen Shot 2018-11-04 at 13.55.12Program of the day

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So join us today and start one of the most important conversations of our time and share your thoughts and reflections in your online and off-line communities.

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The best way to celebrate Stress Awareness Day is to take the opportunity to remove the stress from your life for the day. Take the time to examine your life and find out where all the stressors lie, and start looking into taking steps to remove them or find ways to mitigate them. Removing stress from your life can start off as a stressful experience, so it can help to get the assistance from organizations like ISMA to look into strategies and support in how to manage those things in your life that cause stress.

Whatever you choose to do, take the time to take a day off and let yourself have a day of freedom. If it’s sickness, do something to help you focus on something other than that sickness. Stress can be a killer, don’t let it take one more day from your life, act now and start living a stress free life!

Tom & Danielle

ISMA Stress Conference

ISMA Stress Conference, London

Does Hi-Tech cause Hi-Stress

Conference on 9 November 2018, London

The annual conference of the International Stress Management Association (ISMA) is the high point of the year for the stress industry, and we’re very much hoping to see you there. If you’ve booked already, well done. If you’re still deciding… well, this is your last chance, so let’s be hearing from you!

At the ISMA conference, you can enjoy all the brilliance and insight of top specialists assembled from many countries. And all the charm of the smaller, intimate conference, in the tasteful surroundings of the Royal Over-Seas League.

Check how much we’ve packed into this special day, Friday, 9th November.

Major keynote speeches 
Grenfell night, by the woman fire chief in charge. A Paralympic swimmer on fighting physical challenge. Harnessing AI, taming your smartphone, the taboo of asking for help… and many other stress-related topics.

Lively debates & workshops 
Small-group discussions with major experts in their field  –  simply choose the subject that appeals to you. Also a chance to quiz all the experts together up on the platform, where nobody pulls their punches!

Top-quality networking 
Truly unique forum for meeting your fellow specialists in this important branch of health and well being. Make valuable new business contacts. Enjoy the interplay of ideas in these elegant bland surroundings.

Just over a week to go.  Friday 9th November is sooner than you think. Make sure of your ticket: BOOK NOW

Best regards,

Carole Spiers

Carole Spiers FISMA, FPSA, MIHPE
Chair ISMA[UK],
International Stress Awareness Week
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Online Stress Summit Preview

How to become better at being human?

Screen Shot 2018-09-09 at 17.00.31Our second international Online Stress Summit is only 6 days from now and we are getting excited about everything that we have in place for you.

In the last weeks, we have talked more about the link between technology and stress than ever before: at home, in our practice, during social interactions and of course in our interviews with global experts. Clearly, almost everybody is intrigued, to say the least, about what the future of high-technology, automation and artificial intelligence is going to do with us as human beings.

And one thing is sure: It is more important than EVER to emphasize the “human” and the “being” in our society. If we want to stay in control and use technology in a positive way, we need to manage and adapt our behaviour around technology. At the same time, keep our basic priorities of authentic, purposeful living and human connection.

Each expert that we interviewed gives his/her own view, knowledge and tips on how to do that. Every interview has its own angle and character. We sincerely trust that you will enjoy watching them and talk about them with your surroundings.

“Does Hi-Tech Cause Hi-Stress?”can be a topic for the rest of the year as we will keep on spreading this Summit globally for everyone to watch, also after November 7th. It touches not only our lives but the lives, health and well-being of generations to come, of our children and grandchildren.

So join us in one of the most important conversations of our time.

Your hosts

Tom and Danielle

Watch all previews of the Online Stress Summit on YouTube

Dr Lynda Shaw is an experienced entrepreneur having owned 3 businesses including a health club with 2000 members and 20 staff.  She holds a doctorate in cognitive neuroscience, specialising in the unconscious processing of emotion and communication.

She is a registered chartered psychologist, an Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society, a Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine, a Fellow of the Professional Speakers Association, a Forbes contributor as well as an author of adult and children’s books.  Her latest is a business book called Your Brain Is Boss, a guide to becoming wealthier, healthier and happier.

Graeme Codrington (SA) is an internationally recognised futurist. He specialises in the future of work and has helped companies across the world to understand the forces that will shape our lives in the next ten years.

He’s worth listening to because he has five degrees, five best-selling books and lectures at five international universities including London Business School and Duke. But don’t worry, he’s not a boring academic; he’s steeped in business knowledge having worked at KPMG, for an IT start-up and in the charity sector.

He is also one of the founders of strategy consulting firm TomorrowToday Global.

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Humor to Heal the Brain and Body

1.jpgHeidi Hanna the Executive Director of the American Institute of Stress (AIS) and Founding Partner of The Academy for Brain Health and Performance,  who is one of the many experts on the Online Stress Summit is offering a FREE webinar on “How to Use Humor to Heal the Brain and Body.”

Humour is known to

  • Decreases inflammation in the body
  • When you can start your Stress Mastery Certification process
  • Improves memory and cognitive capacity
  • Allows us to problem solve more creatively over time

This live webinar will take place on the 14th of November and will re-run for 24-hours after and you’ll get to download her newest eBook “What’s so funny about stress” for FREE.Screen Shot 2018-10-26 at 09.37.59

It’s still not too late to register also for the FREE Online Stress Summit


7 November 2018

With Heidi Hanna as one of our many experts. For more information and registration go to

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Why the Royals Are Almost Never Seen Holding Their Phones and How Science Says We Can Benefit From Their Habit

The benefits go beyond just etiquette. By Nora Battelle, Multimedia Staff Writer at Thrive Global


You may notice that Prince Harry, Meghan Markle and other members of the royal family are almost never photographed

with their phones out. The royals avoid being seen with cell phones so assiduously you might even think they don’t have them at all.

But Harper’s Bazaar pointed out a phone in Prince Harry’s pocket during his current visit to Australia with Meghan Markle, and Markle was spotted by the Daily Mail with her iPhone while departing the city, so we know that’s not the case.

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